Here is an explaination of the sections of the Parish's Coat of Arms.

 The spinning wheel and straw plait represent pas industry, i.e. wool yarn spinning, weaving and straw plaiting.  The plough share represents the first improved plough made at Rayne Foundry with other agricultural implements.
 A modern tractor representing today's industry of farming and acriculture.  Showing the filling of a mould, representing our historic background


Centre: Sir Giles Capel's Helmet, representing our historic background. Sir Giles wore the helmet when he jousted in feats of arms as a Knight of King Henry VIII. In his will Sir Giles directed that his best helmet and arming sword should be set above his "funerals" and for nearly 300 years the helmet hung on an iron bar over his altar-shaped tomb in All Saints Church. When the church was pulled down in 1840 all the Capel tombs were destroyed and the helmet was removed by the builder, William Paramenter of Bocking. It was found with another on a peg in his workshop by a Miss Courtauld, later Madam Arendrup. SHe bought it and gave it to Baron do Cosson, the then greatest living authority on the history of arms and armour. It was exhibited in London and later acquired by the Metropolitan Museum of New York who sent a copy back to England.

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