The Parish Council is seeking your help in the formulation of a plan that will establish the key actions and priorities from a village perspective. Your help and time in returning this questionnaire is very much appreciated and needed.

The Parish Council is compiling an Action Plan covering the next five years and wants to do what it can to include expectations / aspirations from Villagers. This input will be integrated with the Council's own thoughts and to form a forward-thinking outline of where future effort and work will be focused.

The collated and combined results will form the basis of the Rayne Parish Five Year Plan and the results will, in due course, be published on the Rayne Parish Council website. No results, conclusions or demographic data will be associated with any one specific household in Rayne. Your comments will be treated as confidential and therefore GDPR compliant.

Please make sure you submit your completed form using the submit button a the end of the questionnaire.